App “17” removed for indecent live broadcasting

How university students feel about app 17 being taken off

A top hit social app was shelved off by Apple and Google Play REMOVED A POPULAR TEENAGE APP, ” 17″ ( WHEN WAS IT REMOVED?) after finding THAT users  HAVE BEEN live broadcasting indecent content and Premier League football matches.

The app, “17”, caught THE attention OF regulators when thousands of users watchED  live SEX AND OTHER INDECENT CONTENT BEING BROADCAST .

The social media app with livestreaming functions was one of the most downloaded free apps in the market of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and the United States since it launched in June.( ATTRIBUTE THE DATA)

In A survey conducted by ( WHICH REPORTERS? YOU?) reporters, 59% of the 71 respondents opposeD  “17” BEING REMOVED FROM THE INTERNET.


59% of the respondents oppose the action of shelving off the app “17” ( WHOSE DATA? HOW WAS IT COLLECTED?)

“ ‘17’ must not be the only APP SHOWING one that is involved with the pornographY,” said Ms Ryanne Lai, a business lawyer.

Applicaitons like  SUCH AS Tumblr and Facebook ARE were often found to contain indecent contents.

“Apple SHOUDL HAVE TAKEN can drive the app off the market when they found that  it violated the pre-launch contract IN WHICH THE OPERATORS AGREED NOT TO that agrees on whether to carry the content of obscenE and pornographIC CONTENT, said Ms.Lai.

APP USER, Mr Wu Zhuoxi, THOUGHT BELIEVES a user of the app, said live STREAMING broadcasting OF  the Premier League football matches without authority should HAVE BEEN be the reason for banning “17” rather than indecency.

“The app OPERATORS should be given a chance to revise their CONTENT system after finding indeency content, but not banned it directlY,.” said Mr Wu.

According to Ms Ryanne Lai, however, THERE IS A there existed a grey area IN DETERMINING to justify whether the userS HAVE has infringed the copyright, which  BECAUSE IT  depends on the purpose of TAKING THE the video takers, how many people  IT can reachED  it and the quality of the video.

Users WHO POST ON  of app “17” can receive one es dollar per thousand viewers and  withdraw the cash when the sum reaches withdraw the money when reaching US$100 (HK$800).

Mr Claude Gu, a user of  “17”, said even though broadcasting sex-related contents might attract more viewers, users still could not make profits from releasing the videos.

“You will be detected and banned before you can make US$100 to withdraw it as cash,” he added. “The [developer] team do censor users, but they can’t be so quick as it is live-streaming.”

The founder of app 17, Taiwaness rapper Jeffrey Huang said on his Facebook THAT they would put more effords on inspecting the accounts and suspend those who violating the rules to ensure a better “17 enviroment”.

The live broadcasters, THOSE WHO POSTED VIDEOS, viewers and developers of the app may HAVE VIOLATED HTE CONTROL OF OBSCENE AND INDECENT ARTICLE ORDINANCE commitTED A  criminal offence for the indecent and obscene contents since the app has no age limit  ON USERS .to be accessed by the underage, according to the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance.

Reporting Julianna Wu Qiyao 13253514

Writing Sharon Shi Taoyang 13251945

Media Charlotte Yang Yuting 13253158

Newsbeat is a newspaper for HKBU IJ BEAT REPORTING class

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